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January 8, 2015 in Anytime, Baxter, Family

Happy 2015 everyone! Hope everyone had a terrific 2014 holiday season. We braved through some of the coldest temps L.A. has had in a long time; saw snow in places that never get snow; and had one of the largest storms pass through as well! Weird. Despite all that, I sincerely hope you all had a merry Christmas, and of course, having a great new year.

As for me, I got caught up in the day to day workings of self-employed life. Photographed some pretty cool people and events, and got lost in editing that I didn’t continue to blog as much :( (Bad me!) But the best thing to come out of all this was that we got ourselves a puppy. Yup, after three years of co-op’ing with my mom’s dog Gunther (who we still love and adore), Helen and I decided to get a dog. It happened kinda on a whim. You see, we subscribe to the San Gabriel Valley Humane Society Facebook page, the same place we got Gunther. And one day in December, – Wednesday, December 17th to be exact, we found a little mini-schnauzer/terrier mix, shelter named, “Draco” on their Facebook page. Low and behold, the next day, there we were, at the shelter, Gunther in tow, to meet this new prospect. Draco was a 3 mos. old puppy, filled with puppy energy, complete with a little red doggy sweater that read “Bow Wow” on it. He had braved that cold storm we had, and somehow made it to the shelter for us to “find”.

With all his puppy energy, and cute looks, it was a no brainer to adopt “Draco”, who has now been lovingly named “Baxter”. And I have to say, he’s been a blessing :) It’s so cool to have yet another heartbeat running around our place, especially one filled with love, appreciation, and playfulness. If you ever wanted a great addition to your family, I say, go to a shelter. The dogs there truly know what a gift it is for you to adopt them, and they will spend the rest of their lives letting you know it :)

So that sums up my absence from my blog this past fall. My days are currently filled with doggie duties, and catching up on stuff. No worries though, as I now have a cool little office assistant to let me know that it’s time to get up off the computer and let him out! Oh, lastly, a big shout out to Tamlyn T. for her 3 year campaign towards us getting another dog. Her playful nagging kinda helped. Kinda. LOL!

Happiest of everything the new year has to offer everyone. Thanks for reading, and see you next week!


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It’s not all that often that I geek out over something. I think the last time I felt so strongly about a new product was with my Fuji X100s, which I STILL love! If I were stranded on a deserted island and could only take two photo related items with me, I would take that Fuji and my new bag “lust”, the Ona Berlin II.

If any of you know me, I’m not one for the latest and greatest tech. I can make do and still create using the stuff that I already own, and I don’t need the latest bells and whistles product that pop up every month or so. But once in a while, a new product catches my eye, and after careful research and consideration, I lust for it, usually for how well it’s made, and how long it will last. With the new Ona Berlin II, I know that I will own this bag till the last photo I ever make [tear rolls down my face…].

I originally wanted the first iteration of the Berlin, the Berlin I, but when I finally decided on springing the dough for it, low and behold (and not surprisingly) it sold out! Originally created in conjunction with Leica camera’s 100th anniversary, the Leica aficionados swept them up in a hurry (then again, most Leica owners tend to have a LOT of dough! – Doh!). I liked the bag solely for its size, material (leather) and quality (I own another one of Ona’s bags, the Bowery).

The first batch was said to be a limited run, but when Ona announced that a second batch would be made, I started saving my pennies! After a long(-ish) wait, my “dream” bag finally arrived, and I’m more than happy to say that this is indeed, IT! I don’t need another camera bag!!!

The quality and workmanship is impeccable. And the design is timeless. Nice roomy interior, with a zippered front pocket for cards, wallet, phone, etc., and a rear pocket large enough to hold an iPad, or perhaps maps to whatever city you’re exploring (this bag would do well in Europe!). Although I’m not a Leica owner (I don’t need to buy a camera that would cost more than my car!), I am using it with my trusty old Fuji X100s, which in form and function, is similar to the Leica, of which this bag was created.

The Berlin II is the type of bag that will age really well. Scuff marks and discoloration will only make it look better. Heck, I can’t wait to break it in cause  it’s a little too nice looking.

There you have it. My simply review of the last camera bag I’ll ever buy. Once in a while, you find something that fits and works, and then, that’s it. Done. Finito.

Thanks Ona Bags! All hail the Berlin II!


Now here are my photos of the unboxing of my new Berlin II. I know. Geek stuff, but fun to do and share! Enjoy!




2014, m palma photography, ona bags, ona berlin II, vsco, los angeles photographer, camera bags




Ona Berlin II_2014_M Palma Photography-4




Ona Berlin II_2014_M Palma Photography-6




Ona Berlin II_2014_M Palma Photography-8




Ona Berlin II_2014_M Palma Photography-9




Ona Berlin II_2014_M Palma Photography-11

Happy Thursday everyone! How’s it goin’?

Throwback Thursday today (who invented this concept by the way?!), and I figured I’d throw my photographic “hat” into the picture! (Ha!). The last few weeks of May have been filled with so many cool events! It was Helen’s birthday the first week, then my brother Jay’s graduation, our good friends’ daughter’s 3rd birthday party, a headshot session, and of course, just the business of daily life here in good ol’ Silverlake.

As mentioned, we celebrated Helen’s birthday at no other than the happiest place on earth! Disneyland :) A nice comfortable weather day, not too crowded, and great for a birthday “hang-out”. Each time we go, we try and do something new, whether a “new” ride, or food place, or photo. So this time, we made a collage of all the different hats available at the different souvenir stores. I had my model, birthday girl Helen show off each masterpiece for you ;p



2014, mpalmaphotography.com, m palma photography, disneyland, hats, fuji x100s, vsco, los angeles photographer


She didn’t end up buying any, but it sure was fun trying them on. Not sure which I like the most.

The next big thing that happened this month was my brother J.J.’s graduation from college. Wow. As we all say, time sure does fly! It was just yesterday that… you get the picture. Couldn’t be more proud of him. He is now a degreed engineer! Hopefully, it’ll lead him to the Disney company someday so we can get discounted EVERYTHING! Nonetheless, congrats bro! Job well done!

And for that momentous occasion, I hereby present to you a throwback photo of Jay and I at my college graduation, and our recreation of that same moment:


2014, mpalmaphotography.com, m palma photography, disneyland, hats, fuji x100s, vsco, los angeles photographer


He doesn’t quite fit so snugly between me as in the first photo anymore, but it’s still cool to think that the tables have turned and that we were able to recreate these momentous feats of educational excellence!!! LOL!!!

Lastly, I just wanted to let everyone know that I’ll be out of the office until the 1st of June! We’re headed to a place where the famous “Pirates of the Caribbean” ride was modeled after – yes, the Caribbean! Ahoy Mateys!!! There’s little to no internet access, so it’ll be a cool respite from the plugged-in world, but if I get a chance, I’ll update everyone on our “plunderins”!!! (pirate speak!).

I’ll leave you with this:


2014, mpalmaphotography.com, m palma photography, disneyland, hats, fuji x100s, vsco, los angeles photographer


See you in two weeks! Thanks – Mike

Happy Thursday folks! Since today is deemed “throwback thursday” for most facebookers, I figured I’d share with you our Vegas trip that we just got back from yesterday. For the second time in two months, I was back in the city of Sin, but this time, for some R & R, no conventions, no workshops, no meetings. Just good ‘ol fun in the sun, gamble your money away, enjoy a great show, eat expensive food, stay in a nice place, kind of getaway :)

My last visit last month was for the annual WPPI Convention (Wedding and Portrait Photographers Int’l), which was fun as well, but as mentioned, this trip was purely for the fun of going. We got a great deal on a fancy-schmancy hotel with some sort of popular water show in the front, so we couldn’t turn it down. Plus, we made it a point to go see one of my all time legend’s show, “Michael Jackson ONE”, which also starred a good friend of ours who was part of the cast. One word about the show/experience – EPIC. If you’re an MJ fan, go see it! Plus outside the theater, they have MJ’s famous moonwalk loafers and Swarovski socks, as well as one of his famous sequined jackets. Long live the king!!!

Being who we are, Helen and I also made our second visit to the Madame Tousauds’ Wax Museum. Just plain fun. Posing and being silly with wax sculptures of celebs. Like we don’t see them in person here in L.A. I assure you though, when and if I do, I’d do the same thing as I did at the wax museum :p Besides, it was fun making up stories with waxed celebs. Where else could you do this?

Ah Vegas. Land of themed resorts, crushed dreams, glittery promises, smoke-filled casinos, 24-hour buffets, neon lights (well, LED lights), heat, showgirls, alcohol… It’s nice to visit and spend a few days, but not sure if I could live there. If so, I’d have to live away from the strip. Way off the strip.

Thanks for the memories again :)

A huge shout out goes out to our friend Addie for the tickets to the MJ show. You’re amazing!!! Long live the King!!!

Thanks for stopping by. Mike and Helen have left the desert.



2014, M Palma Photography, Las Vegas 2014, Michael Jackson ONE, Madame Tousauds, Bellagio, Barstow, wax figures




_2014_M Palma Photography-1-3




_2014_M Palma Photography-1




_2014_M Palma Photography-2-2




_2014_M Palma Photography-3-2




_2014_M Palma Photography-3




_2014_M Palma Photography-4-2




_2014_M Palma Photography-4




_2014_M Palma Photography-6 _2014_M Palma Photography-7




_2014_M Palma Photography-8 _2014_M Palma Photography-9




_2014_M Palma Photography-10




_2014_M Palma Photography-11




_2014_M Palma Photography-13




_2014_M Palma Photography-14




_2014_M Palma Photography-16




_2014_M Palma Photography-17




_2014_M Palma Photography-18





September 12, 2013 in Anytime

Happy Thursday everyone! Prepping for two weddings this week, so I’m a bit busy, but wanted to post a simple throwback Thursday photo I took last year with my iPhone 4! Now that the 5s and 5c are coming out, it’s a little ode to the camera phone that could and still does!

Have a great week!



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