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September 20, 2011 in Engagements
Happy Tuesday everyone! Is it just me or is it feeling a bit like fall now? (It’s just me isn’t it?). Just like yesterday when I was celebrating “Int’l Talk Like A Pirate Day” – how cool is that?! But again, I think it was just me. Sigh. 
Over the weekend, I had the great honor and pleasure of photographing my next wedding couple Sandy and Mike. A long time ago, when I was a young lad in Scotland… (okay, not in Scotland, but a young lad nonetheless), I first met Mike when I was going out with his Aunt, Connie. We were in high school together, in a band (yup, late 80’s hair and clothing), and sometimes we would rehearse at Connie’s house, and running all over the place with exuberant 8 year old energy (I think he was 8 at the time, not sure) was Mike, or “Popong” as his family would call him. Fast forward to 2008, while meeting with his sister Michelle to photograph her wedding, in walks in this grown man, Mike! Whoa! Taller than me, broader shoulders, and speaking like a true adult. Gone was the little kid I remember but this grown up man! Isn’t it a shock to see someone who you haven’t seen in years and get blown away with how different they look? That was me! 
Fast forward to June of this year when I get a call from Mike’s sister Michelle asking me to photograph his wedding. My first reaction was of gratitude and surprise, for this would be the first time I would have photographed both weddings of two siblings. How cool is that?! Three years removed from seeing Mike in 2008 I was pleasantly honored to re-meet his now fiance Sandy (they were both at his sister’s wedding, hence not the first time I’ve met her). They’re such a cute couple! I’m very excited for their big day, and can’t wait to capture images of their wedding. 
But first, we had to shoot the engagement session! Sandy and Mike chose Wilderness Park in Redondo Beach for its great forrest like atmosphere, complete with ponds, amphitheater, foliage, trees, etc. An oasis in the middle of the… beach?! A great day had by all! Enjoy the photos :) These two are great and again, can’t wait for their wedding day on December 30th! 
Mike and Sandy :) 
Did I mention the wildlife there? Cool turtles!
Great times guys! I’m honored to be your photographer for your wedding :) Next stop, December 30th! Hooray!
Enjoy your week everyone! Oh, and the Christmas card special is still going on for everyone who “likes” my page on FB, “M Palma Photography”. It isn’t too early to book a session and get those holiday cards made. 

Happy Tuesday everyone :) As always, another great week of image creation and artistry, meeting with new people and life as I know it. 

First off, last week began with a terrific headshot session with veteran actor Joseph Cardinale, the father of a friend of mine from my Movement for Actors class over at the Edge. Joseph has been an actor now for 30 plus years, and has done everything from film, TV, musicals, theater, you name it! It was a fun and enlightening session listening to Joe, about his experiences, his life, how proud he is of his children and grandchildren, and life in general. A huge thank you goes out to both he and his daughter Tina for allowing me to photograph him for future roles! We got a lot of great shots, and I’m certain he’s going to have a hard time choosing which ones to use!


Joe isn’t this intimidating when you meet him, it was just a prop he had in his pocket, so we decided to use it. Works though!

This is more like it :)

Friday I had the unique opportunity to photograph my good friend Ele Keats for a personal project. Superb, sensual, provoking, enticing, sexy, alluring, teasing, beautiful photographs that you guys won’t be able to see! Sorry! They’re for one dude only, and that’s NOT me! Maybe if we’re lucky she’ll let me post a few, but for now, all the images we created are for her cool boyfriend Jason – what a lucky guy! Enjoy the photos you two, and thanks to Ele for asking me to create them with her. Oh, and thank you to my art director, Cindera Che, and our terrific MUA Christine – you guys rock! Would love to do more work with you again!

On Sunday, I met up with my next bridal couple, Mike and Sandy who has so graciously asked me to photograph their upcoming wedding. I know Mike from my high school days, and from photographing his big sister’s wedding back in 2008. They have asked me to photograph their big day and I’m so excited to do so! What’s even more cool is that these two have been going out for 10 years now! Wow! You go guys! Can’t wait  :) Here’s a quick photo of them:


Finally, the reason why I also entitled this entry as “Life in general” (aside from mentioning it in the opening paragraph) is that yesterday, Monday, I visited my Tita Becky (aunt in english) in San Diego who isn’t doing so well. I hadn’t seen her in about four years, ever since my grandmother died. Seeing her again after all these years was great, and quite frankly reminded me that sometimes we let our own lives “get in the way” of spending time or seeing those who mean something to us. I have to admit that I am guilty of letting these years go by without having seen her, and it truly is something I regret. As she lay there, her spirits were  up, talking, and sometimes joking as I have always known her to, ever since I was a kid. Her mind as sharp as ever, yet her body battling for its survival. You never know what life will throw at you, what lies around the next corner, or what tomorrow may bring. But what I’ve learned is that people don’t usually give up; they don’t fault you for not having seen them in a while; every moment counts, and that there are always people there to help you even when you don’t think there are any. As my aunt battles through this disease, I am comforted in knowing that she is surrounded by people who are there to make sure she gives it her best shot, regardless of the outcome. 
Paraphrasing “Ferris Bueler” – LIfe goes by really fast, and if you don’t stop and look around, it’ll pass right by you. The lesson here is to stop, take a deep breath, look around, and cherish what you have, cause sadly it won’t be here forever, but the memories you keep of it will, and should you honor each moment, then these good times will never leave or pass you by. 
Thanks for stopping by everyone. And have a terrific week :)