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Happy 3rd week of the new year everyone! How are those resolutions keeping up?! Great I’m sure, so no worries.

The third week of 2015 had me attend the Wedding and Portrait Photographers Int’l (WPPI) photowalk at Samy’s Camera in L.A. this past week, led by rockstar instructors Roberto Venezuela and Dave Doeppel. As a working pro, it’s always essential to go back to school or to a workshop to try and sharpen your skills and learn new things, and this FREE, yes, I said FREE photo-walk event was a great way to start the new year and learn some new stuff! Plus, it’s always cool to meet other like minded photographers.

The afternoon started off in front of Samy’s Camera on Fairfax, where JasonGroupp, the educational director for WPPI introduced us to Roberto and Dave. I had me them before, and if you ever get the chance, they are really cool guys to meet. Down to earth, and fun! As they should be!

From there, we were off and running, all 25 of us, in search of light, and places to photograph, accompanied by three models, two of which were sisters.

The thing about workshops is that you’re surrounded by a lot of people, with a whole array of skill levels, and personalities. You sometimes even get people who go just to pump up their portfolios, which to me, is the wrong place to do it. That’s cause you literally have 24 other people standing next to you trying to get the SAME shot. Yikes. For me, a workshop should be a place to learn and take away stuff that you can apply to your everyday shooting. The experience is still great regardless, but it’s definitely not too conducive to really get superb portfolio photos. Besides, you only get a few moments with the models anyway, not enough time to really get things cooking.

Needless to say, I think everyone should try a workshop or class in whatever field you’re interested in. Take away some cool techniques and ideas, and make yourself a better person overall! That’s what each new year is about anyway, isn’t it? Sho’ you right! LOL!!!

Here are some behind the scenes photos from the workshop as well as some photos I was able to capture when it was my turn to work with the model. Oh, and if you love photography and are really into it, check out WPPI for some great events, including the yearly expo and conference. Great times indeed!



2015, M Palma Photography, vsco, wppi, wppi photowalk, los angeles, Roberto Venezuela, Dave Doeppel, Jason Groupp, Samy's camera, Einstein 640, workshops, models, female
















MP shooting by GM


That’s me on the right photographing our awesome model Jin N Tonic!

(Photo courtesy of G. Mora. Vox Photography)



































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Happy second week of the Sochi Winter Olympics! Anyone watching? Anyone?! Regardless of what you’re watching, I hope it’s good!

This past weekend, I had the distinct honor of updating our good friends’ daughter Dyllen’s headshot photos. Dyllen first had her headshots taken with me two years ago, and even back then I was really impressed with her poise and her confidence (comes from great parenting!) This time through, now at the ripe old age of 12 years, once again, that same confidence with a little added sassiness came through, which made for another successful shoot. Not only did we create her standard headshot photos, but, because of her uber-stylist mom Cindera, we added some fashion-flair to some of the other photos, which of course, Dyllen rocked like a pro! Seriously, can you say “Gap” ad? She can!

My sincerest thanks to Cindera, (and Ryan) and Dyllen for giving me this chance to update Dyllen’s portfolio. I’m grateful for the chance, and am so happy to see how awesome a young lady Dyllen is turning into with each new photo session. Thanks you guys! Now go book ‘em Dyllen!

Enjoy our photos :)


2014, February, M Palma Photography, headshots, kids, fashion, los angeles photographer, modern, fun, energetic, d700, vsco




Dyllen N_2-16-14_MPalma Photography-218




Dyllen N_2-16-14_MPalma Photography-260




Dyllen N_2-16-14_MPalma Photography-326




Dyllen N_2-16-14_MPalma Photography-350




Dyllen N_2-16-14_MPalma Photography-632


This is Brian T.

Actor. Entrepreneur.

Stylish and cool.

Nuff said. Enjoy!




_2014_M Palma Photography-2



_2014_M Palma Photography-6



_2014_M Palma Photography-10



_2014_M Palma Photography-11



_2014_M Palma Photography-12



_2014_M Palma Photography-13



_2014_M Palma Photography-14



_2014_M Palma Photography-16



_2014_M Palma Photography-18



_2014_M Palma Photography-20 _2014_M Palma Photography-24 _2014_M Palma Photography-25



_2014_M Palma Photography-28



_2014_M Palma Photography-30



_2014_M Palma Photography-31



_2014_M Palma Photography-32



_2014_M Palma Photography-33



_2014_M Palma Photography-36



_2014_M Palma Photography-37



_2014_M Palma Photography-38



_2014_M Palma Photography-42



_2014_M Palma Photography-44



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On my ongoing quest to become a better photographer, I’m constantly trying to push myself with trying different things. Most of the time, you won’t see my attempts or experiments on this blog or on Facebook, yet sometimes, you will, particularly when I get to work with my creative photo “partner”.  For those of you who have perused my blog before, you’ll notice many a photo of my photo muse Jully, gracing the pages of my online presence. Reason being is because she’s always willing and able to be my model whenever inspiration hits, something I am most grateful for :) Thanks Jully! 

This past month, we were ever so fortunate to use my good buddy Felix V.’s “vintage” cars as props and backdrops for our latest endeavor. I’ve been on this vintage, nostalgia kick as of late (two or so years now!) and I remembered that Felix had these great, textured cars that would be great to shoot! So, as usual, I called up Jully, asked if she had any cowboy type of outfits, and voila! There we were, doing a fashion/editorial spread a la Guess jeans USA. Kinda. Inspired by Guess.

Loved the truck we worked with, and the images we were able to create. A huge thanks to Felix and family for allowing us to photograph at his place, and to the little model who made a cameo appearance at the end of our shoot that day – thanks Vannessa :)

2014, M Palma Photography, model, modern, fun, energetic, Los Angeles, Silverlake, Wedding and portrait photographer, portrait, editorial fashion, cowgirl, vintage truck, back lit, einstein 640, baby, cowboy hat, asian american, korean, female model, sunset, silhouette, VSCO

J. Lee_2014_M Palma Photography-1-4

J. Lee_2014_M Palma Photography-1

J. Lee_2014_M Palma Photography-2

J. Lee_2014_M Palma Photography-3


J. Lee_2014_M Palma Photography-4

J. Lee_2014_M Palma Photography-5


J. Lee_2014_M Palma Photography-6

J. Lee_2014_M Palma Photography-1-3


Thanks again to Felix V. for the use of the cars and his future model baby Vanessa :) And thanks to my photo muse Jully for her time and efforts during this shoot – you rock!


Finally, I’m constantly in search of great people to work with on these photo shoots, whether in front of behind the camera. If you know of anyone, let me know! :) Thanks – Mike