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May 8, 2014 in Family, Kids, Portraits

Happy first full week of May 2014 everyone! How’s it going? For those of you who don’t live here in Southern California, the second week of May has finally given us Angelenos some COOLER weather. Last week, we were well into¬†the 90’s, and this week, we’re in the 70’s (Mother Nature sure is finicky!). I’m just glad it’s comfortable outside. Whew!

Despite the amazing heat from last week, I was given the great opportunity to photograph baby Jocelyn. The newest addition to our friends’ the Seligmans clan. Five years ago, I ¬†photographed their oldest son Wyatt, and once Jocelyn was ready for her close-up, I was ready and ecstatic! It’s such an honor to be able to come back to a family and photograph their kids, and see how much they’ve grown. And with older brother Wyatt (who I’ve seen since our first portrait session five years ago), he’s growing up to be a cool kid. Plus, it was nice to see him back at his house, years removed from our first session. But now it was his sister’s turn, and in some of the same spots we used for Wyatt – how cool!

As with a lot of babies, Jocelyn was a real trooper during her first pro photo session. Despite having a wee bit of baby eczema, she was able to shine and give me all of her 5 months of life on planet earth :) What a cutie! Afterwards, we decided to photograph the entire Seligman clan, including a special visit from the patriarch himself, Grandpa Seligman! He’s the more distinguished gentleman in the photos with grandson Wyatt below (John, you’re distinguished too, just that your dad is a bit more distinguished!).

I love that we were able to photograph everyone this time. Got more of Wyatt in his element in his “Cars” themed room, Grandpa with two generations on the sofa, and of course, Jocelyn and the entire fam. I love days like this where I can contribute to a family’s history through photographs :) Such an honor.

Enjoy the photos of the Seligmans, with special emphasis on their latest addition, Jocelyn. Thank you guys for having me back. And thanks to Jocelyn for allowing me to photograph her! Maybe I can photograph her wedding someday?! LOL!!!

Happy May everyone! See you next week!






2014_ M Palma Photography-1-15








2014_ M Palma Photography-1-16








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2014_ M Palma Photography-1-7













2014_ M Palma Photography-1-3






2014_ M Palma Photography-1-5






2014_ M Palma Photography-1






2014_ M Palma Photography-1-8






2014_ M Palma Photography-1-10






2014_ M Palma Photography-1-11






2014_ M Palma Photography-1-12






2014_ M Palma Photography-1-13






2014_ M Palma Photography-1-14








2014_ M Palma Photography-2-2




















Happy second week of the Sochi Winter Olympics! Anyone watching? Anyone?! Regardless of what you’re watching, I hope it’s good!

This past weekend, I had the distinct honor of updating our good friends’ daughter Dyllen’s headshot photos. Dyllen first had her headshots taken with me two years ago, and even back then I was really impressed with her poise and her confidence (comes from great parenting!) This time through, now at the ripe old age of 12 years, once again, that same confidence with a little added sassiness came through, which made for another successful shoot. Not only did we create her standard headshot photos, but, because of her uber-stylist mom Cindera, we added some fashion-flair to some of the other photos, which of course, Dyllen rocked like a pro! Seriously, can you say “Gap” ad? She can!

My sincerest thanks to Cindera, (and Ryan) and Dyllen for giving me this chance to update Dyllen’s portfolio. I’m grateful for the chance, and am so happy to see how awesome a young lady Dyllen is turning into with each new photo session. Thanks you guys! Now go book ‘em Dyllen!

Enjoy our photos :)


2014, February, M Palma Photography, headshots, kids, fashion, los angeles photographer, modern, fun, energetic, d700, vsco




Dyllen N_2-16-14_MPalma Photography-218




Dyllen N_2-16-14_MPalma Photography-260




Dyllen N_2-16-14_MPalma Photography-326




Dyllen N_2-16-14_MPalma Photography-350




Dyllen N_2-16-14_MPalma Photography-632


Happy THIRD week of the new year everyone! How’s it going so far? I truly hope that your holidays were filled with all the joy, family, food, and FUN that is possible. I know mine was! Heck, it feels like just yesterday that I “signed off” for 2013. I guess time does fly when you get old huh? Sigh…

Nonetheless, here we are, 2014. No flying cars or transporters a la Star Trek yet, but hey, we’ve got iPads, computer phones, and this dandy little thing we call the internet. J/K! Not to poke fun, but hey, I AM still waiting on that teleportation device!

2013 ended in it’s usual grand fashion, hanging out with family and friends, and even scored a trip to the happiest place on Earth – yup, Disneyland! Three whole days with the little rugrats and pre-teens from Hawaii. Such a great time. Despite the place being over-populated due to the Rose Bowl, National Championship Game, and vacationing families, it was a great time! Didn’t ride as many rides, but just being there was fun. I just love that place!

New year’s came and went, and for the first time in a while, I was actually sleepy when the clock struck midnight. Should’ve had that extra green tea soy latte I love so much prior to the ball dropping.

A few days after the new year, I was back at work photographing my first wedding of 2014. The amazing, fun, terrific, sweet, cool, talented Aaron and Jill! The wedding and reception took place in a downtown photo studio, complete with food trucks for the main course, AND a surprise showing of the In N’ Out burger truck! What?! You bet I had a few (it was after I was done, come on!).

In a nutshell, that was the end and the beginning of the holidays and new year. How was yours? I wish you all the best that life can give you; many smiles, much success, great food, family, and friends; exciting destinations, beautiful sunsets, the sounds of laughter, and blessings to keep you all safe.

Happy 2014 everyone. Enjoy! And thanks for checking in :)














2014, M Palma Photography. food, japanese food, kids, VSCO, los angeles photographer, fuji x100s




2014, M Palma Photography. food, japanese food, kids, VSCO, los angeles photographer, fuji x100s




_DSF7719 2014, M Palma Photography. food, japanese food, kids, VSCO, los angeles photographer, fuji x100s




















2014, M Palma Photography. food, japanese food, kids, VSCO, los angeles photographer, fuji x100s, weddings, Kesspro studios los angeles, urban wedding, in n out burger, modern, fun, energetic





Happy 2014! Next week – A visit to the Space Shuttle Endeavor! Yay!!!

January 8, 2013 in Anytime, Family, Kids, Personal

Happy second week of the new year everyone! Hope your resolutions are humming along and everything is looking great for 2013! If I may indulge, do write out your goals for this year. It’s seriously amazing how writing down the stuff you want to accomplish lends itself towards actually accomplishing them by year’s end. Serious!

As you can see, this week’s post is entitled “The Hawaii Kids”, our niece and nephews from Hawaii who come to visit us on this huge mainland nearly every year. They range in age from 4 to 14, each giving us a glimpse of what’s popular or interesting in each of their respective ages. Did you know that for kids playing Call of Duty on X-box, “tweakers” are those who over-modify their gear so that they can be more lethal and effective? I sure didn’t!

Although I wasn’t able to photograph them as much as I did last year when they were here, we were able to go on a little hike in Griffith Park this year, where I was able to show them the little park where Uncle Mike constantly trains for his weird triathlons.

It was a fun little outing. The kids got to see horses, a hidden garden, and finally, L.A.’s “old zoo”. Good times indeed.

Now that they’re back in Hawaii, I’m a bit melancholy, but everything good has to come to an end, for now. I’m sure we’ll see them later on this year – we’d better!

Enjoy the photos (some of which taken while holding the little ones’ hands).

Afterwards, go write down your goals for this year will you?!



The only girl Hawaii kid.

The only girl Hawaii kid.





Casey, Lilly, trails and foliage

Casey, Lilly, trails and foliage


Monkeying around at the Old Zoo.

Monkeying around at the Old Zoo.


Casey hung around with me during our hike. He's very philosophical.

Casey hung around with me during our hike. He’s very philosophical.


Casey escaping.

Casey escaping.


Hey, this kid isn't from Hawaii!

Hey, this kid isn’t from Hawaii!


Exploring the ruins of the Old Zoo. (With Gunther, my mom's dog.)

Exploring the ruins of the Old Zoo. (With Gunther, my mom’s dog.)


Casey once again, in an old holding cage.

Casey once again, in an old holding cage.


Ah well. By now the kids are back in school, enjoying their 75+ degree Hawaii weather. Lucky!


Thanks again for stoping by, and check back next week. I’ll be previewing my new album company (for weddings that is) and the importance of printing vs. keeping stuff on your hard drive.














Happy Wednesday everyone! Sorry about the lack of posts lately, the other project/production I’ve been working on (happily) has taken up so much of my time, that it’s been challenging to post new stuff as of late. But thanks for checking in nonetheless. :)

As the title of this post says, in Hollywood, there’s an old adage that says “Never work with Kids or animals” in scenes, or movies, as they easily steal the scene or movie away from you. I have to say that I TOTALLY AGREE with that bit of advice. It’s cause they are so cute and just plain raw with emotion that’s REAL. They can’t really make stuff up, cause they’re kids (or animals) and that’s what makes them so watchable and believable. 

Monday, I had the opportunity to shoot my good friend Cindera’s daughter Dyllen for her first set of headshots for her foray into the print world of Hollywood. She’s a whirlwind! So easy to direct, knows her angles, knows how to move (well, her mom is a professional dancer/instructor), and is just a plain joy to work with and be around. Unbeknownst to them, I had to keep up with her throughout the shoot – you would too if you had to photograph a ball of 10 year old energy! 

Here’s a sampling of our work together, some of which shows how much fun we had, as well as some of my picks from her session. 

A huge thanks goes out to her parents, Cindera and Ryan, and of course to Dyllen for being such a sport during our shoot. Thanks guys!

Oh, and thanks to the “animal” who makes a little cameo in one of the shots here. Again, like they say, never work with kids and animals… you get the picture ;p


My favorite of the session. 
Dyllen doing her “The Rock” impression. 
Hey, who let that cute dog onto the set?! 
Again, you try keeping up with a 10 year old! Fun times!
A super-terrific, fun-tastic headshot session with a great kid. Thanks again guys :) And great job Dyllen! Now go get ‘em!
Till next time, have a great week!