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March 14, 2012 in Events, Family, Kids

Happy day before the Ides of March! (Remember that line?) I jest, the Ides of March was a pretty bad day for one Julius Caesar, but for the rest of us, it’s just Thursday. 

What a weekend. Would you believe I attended THREE different birthday parties this past Saturday, one right after the other? Yup, I did. Three. 

Of the three, my favorite was for my now one-year-old nephew, Luke, who has appeared here on the blog before. Last year at this time, I was in Europe awaiting word of his arrival into this big world of ours, and here I am, 365 or so days later, celebrating his first b-day. Wow. 

As per Filipino parties, this one had the all the requisite DELICIOUS food, including a roasted pig (the cooked-on-a-spit variety). Very tasty, and rich to say the least. Plus, it was great to see the fam again, from near and far, to celebrate little Lukey’s first bday party.

Oh, and did I mention a pinata? Yup. Something for the kids to do, that and the bouncey house. 

Here are the photos. Great day. Happy birthday Lukey!


 The birthday boy himself, Luke
(that’s the roasted pig under him BTW)


Sacrificial “lamb” (giraffe) 
Don’t worry, he was able to get some candy :) 
Happy birthday again Lukey, and to all the other March babies, young and old :) 

Lastly, when I’m not photographing people and events, I’m performing. Yup, I started off as an actor and am once again producing another great project! Please check it out at this link, and should you be inclined, we’d love to have you on board as a patron :) 

Thanks again for stopping by! Have a great week everyone!

Happy Wednesday everyone! Now that the Superbowl is done, what’s there to do? J/K! Hope your favorite team won, and if they weren’t in the big dance, there’s always next year. If you don’t follow football, hopefully the commercials entertained you instead. A huge congrats to my buddy Aaron Takahashi for his Superbowl commercial, you know the one, the asian dude in the bath tub full of gold coins? Yeah, that’s him. You may have seen him before ;p

About a week or so ago, I was invited to photograph the first birthday of little Isshin, this cute, cool, adorable kid whom I met that day. He and his family were terrific and so inviting that it was a blast to photograph his party. 

For those of you without kids, YOU try keeping up with a room full of about 50 of them, bouncey-house included! I pride myself with working out and keeping fit, but believe me, it sure does take a lot of energy to keep focused all the time looking for those cool kid moments. Big ups to parents, I’m telling you!

For about 4 hours, there I was, engulfed with all the fun activities the kids had at Isshin’s party, along with the great food, and cool parents! Here are some of the images I took that day. Enjoy!

Mr. One-Year-Old himself, Isshin, rockin’ that little bowtie while having a refreshing drink. 
The K family – Mom, Dad, Isshin and his big sister Mion. 
They’re a cool fam.
That stroller belongs to his sister’s doll. 
It’s a Japanese tradition for little boys to carry a satchel of mochi on their backs on their first birthday. Isshin did fine :) 
Happy birthday little buddy! Hope you enjoyed your day :)
Thanks for stopping by everyone. Enjoy your week! And i
f you get a chance, hug a kid :)