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Happy 3rd week of the new year everyone! How are those resolutions keeping up?! Great I’m sure, so no worries.

The third week of 2015 had me attend the Wedding and Portrait Photographers Int’l (WPPI) photowalk at Samy’s Camera in L.A. this past week, led by rockstar instructors Roberto Venezuela and Dave Doeppel. As a working pro, it’s always essential to go back to school or to a workshop to try and sharpen your skills and learn new things, and this FREE, yes, I said FREE photo-walk event was a great way to start the new year and learn some new stuff! Plus, it’s always cool to meet other like minded photographers.

The afternoon started off in front of Samy’s Camera on Fairfax, where JasonGroupp, the educational director for WPPI introduced us to Roberto and Dave. I had me them before, and if you ever get the chance, they are really cool guys to meet. Down to earth, and fun! As they should be!

From there, we were off and running, all 25 of us, in search of light, and places to photograph, accompanied by three models, two of which were sisters.

The thing about workshops is that you’re surrounded by a lot of people, with a whole array of skill levels, and personalities. You sometimes even get people who go just to pump up their portfolios, which to me, is the wrong place to do it. That’s cause you literally have 24 other people standing next to you trying to get the SAME shot. Yikes. For me, a workshop should be a place to learn and take away stuff that you can apply to your everyday shooting. The experience is still great regardless, but it’s definitely not too conducive to really get superb portfolio photos. Besides, you only get a few moments with the models anyway, not enough time to really get things cooking.

Needless to say, I think everyone should try a workshop or class in whatever field you’re interested in. Take away some cool techniques and ideas, and make yourself a better person overall! That’s what each new year is about anyway, isn’t it? Sho’ you right! LOL!!!

Here are some behind the scenes photos from the workshop as well as some photos I was able to capture when it was my turn to work with the model. Oh, and if you love photography and are really into it, check out WPPI for some great events, including the yearly expo and conference. Great times indeed!



2015, M Palma Photography, vsco, wppi, wppi photowalk, los angeles, Roberto Venezuela, Dave Doeppel, Jason Groupp, Samy's camera, Einstein 640, workshops, models, female
















MP shooting by GM


That’s me on the right photographing our awesome model Jin N Tonic!

(Photo courtesy of G. Mora. Vox Photography)



































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Happy August everyone! Hope everyone is having an august August! (I recently learned the other definition of “august”, and it works quite well with a lot of things, so look it up!)

Yes, once again, it’s catching-up time. Had a few gigs in July that took up a lot of my time. Two amazing weddings with two awesome sauce couples! That and I lived through two weeks of monsoonal weather which made for very uncomfortable days and nights, but who’s complaining?!

As you know, I love photographing weddings. As I’ve mentioned before, I love the fact that I get to create some wonderful imagery for my couples to share and pass down from generation to generation. Plus, I get to work with amazing people, both the couple, and those involved, like their family members, friends, and vendors who are all there to help make the day special. I’ve been blessed so far with working with some downright cool people, rightfully so, as my couples are the ones who select and hire them, and my couples are pretty much rock stars :) BTW, one of my grooms really is a rock-star! He played a mean electric guitar for his new bride during the reception (see below!). Oh, did mention that one of my couples also had their brother/puppeteer officiate their wedding? See below again!

For the two weddings that I photographed, the same held true. I had such a great time, that sometimes, I forget that I’m working! (Plus, the desserts are usually pretty amazing as well!) I love my wedding couples and their family and friends, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Okay, enough gushing about my clients/friends. Here are some images. Enjoy!!!

Wedding coordinator (Peter/Hiller wedding) Deborah Lew

Associate photographers: Andy Ito, Keri Kaba

2014_M Palma Photography-1






2014_M Palma Photography-1-2





2014_M Palma Photography-1-3






2014_M Palma Photography-6






2014_M Palma Photography-4






2014, m palma photography, los angeles photographer, silverlake, modern, fun, energetic, san pedro wedding, vsco, filipino photographer





2014_M Palma Photography-2






2014_M Palma Photography-8




2014_M Palma Photography-11





2014_M Palma Photography-10






2014_M Palma Photography-9






2014_M Palma Photography-7










2014_M Palma Photography-1-4




2014_M Palma Photography-1-11





2014_M Palma Photography-1-16





2014_M Palma Photography-1-20




2014, m palma photography, Norris Pavillion, los angeles photographer, silverlake, modern, fun, energetic, san pedro wedding, vsco, filipino photographer




This is Brian T.

Actor. Entrepreneur.

Stylish and cool.

Nuff said. Enjoy!




_2014_M Palma Photography-2



_2014_M Palma Photography-6



_2014_M Palma Photography-10



_2014_M Palma Photography-11



_2014_M Palma Photography-12



_2014_M Palma Photography-13



_2014_M Palma Photography-14



_2014_M Palma Photography-16



_2014_M Palma Photography-18



_2014_M Palma Photography-20 _2014_M Palma Photography-24 _2014_M Palma Photography-25



_2014_M Palma Photography-28



_2014_M Palma Photography-30



_2014_M Palma Photography-31



_2014_M Palma Photography-32



_2014_M Palma Photography-33



_2014_M Palma Photography-36



_2014_M Palma Photography-37



_2014_M Palma Photography-38



_2014_M Palma Photography-42



_2014_M Palma Photography-44



Have a great week everyone! Thanks for stopping by :)



Happy last week of August everyone! Wow, talk about a LATE summer! If you’re like me, you’re experiencing some pretty warm (and thankfully not scorching) weather right now – whew! Where’s that A/C button?

As of late, I’ve been busy with a few gigs and thankfully have some time to share one of my most recent shoots with you. It’s a personal project, and I’m excited to share some images from it. Recently, I have been on the lookout to collaborate with a make-up artist. And who knew that in L.A., it would be a challenge to find one! That is, one that has a great personality, great talent, and is easy to get along it. Thankfully, I’ve found one! Woo hoo! After scouring Model Mayhem (a website for models, MUAs, photographers, and hairstylists) I met Chailling, a seasoned, professional, and talented MUA looking to build up her portfolio as well. We met for some coffee, and hit it off, and were off and running from there! See, you could find good people on Model Mayhem!

With the help of Chai’s friend Paulina (amazing BTW), we decided on doing a simple beauty dish lighting, white seamless type set-up. Oh, and as for the three “M’s”? Model, Make-up Artist, and Me! I know, silly, but it works :)



m palma photography, lighting, einstein 640, fashion, studio, seamless


The reflector on the floor was also used for some bottom fill.

2013, m palma photography, fashion, studio, einstein 640w, seamless, model, chailling phillips, mua, flowers

2013, m palma photography, fashion, studio, einstein 640w, seamless, model, chailling phillips, mua, flowers

2013, m palma photography, fashion, studio, einstein 640w, seamless, model, chailling phillips, mua, flowers

Afterwards, just for the heck of it, we did this. The only lighting used was the lamp on the table in front of her.




_2013_M Palma Photography-3




2013, m palma photography, fashion, studio, einstein 640w, seamless, model, chailling phillips, mua, flowers






A huge thanks goes out to Chailling P. for her amazing work, and to Paulina for being our great model that day. Please check out Chailling’s site by clicking here. BTW, we’ll be looking for models in the future, so if you’re interested, or know of anyone, don’t hesitate to send me a message. Thanks!


Have a great week everyone, and stay cool! Oh, and for those of you who have kids going back to school, have a great year kiddos!


The more and more I photograph things, it is becoming so clear and apparent that whatever I’m holding in my hands to get the job done, matters the LEAST. I’ve heard it time and time again, and even said a million times more, but a camera is just a tool. It’s just a little black box that sees the world in 18% gray. So it doesn’t matter what brand, or how heavy, or how expensive your camera is. Like Ansel Adams once said (paraphrasing), it’s the 12-inches behind the camera that really matters.

With this said, I wanted to shared with you a few photos I’ve taken with my iphone recently. Which for most of us, IS the best camera we have cause it’s the one that is with us most if not all the time. A camera is just a tool, like a hammer is just a tool. A hammer made out of gold isn’t going to drive a nail into a piece of wood any better than a $5.00 model, so why should a camera be regarded as such? Things that make you go “Hmmm…”. ;p

So, as usual, just a quick reminder for you guys to continue using your iphones or androids to take pictures. No one is going to ever remember what camera you took your photos with, only how the photo made them feel or remember.

Have a great week everyone!



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