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Happy Thursday everyone! I’m just back from an overnight trip to the city at the desert, the town that Frank built, that place where almost everything IS a mirage, LAS VEGAS! Yup, the city of never ending buffets, steak AND lobster dinners for $8.99, and the sounds of money being well spent and LOST!

However, for me, it was a business trip, as it was time for the annual Wedding and Portrait Photographers International convention (WPPI), held yearly in the city of sin! This was my first outing to the convention, after having wanted to go since I first learned about it years ago, and to finally attend was awesome! Got to see practically all the major and minor players in the photo world, and even see, meet, and hear some photogs I’ve only seen on-line. They’re like rockstars, but not really, but still are? Make sense? Nah!

Despite having my big camera with me, I ended up taking all the photos below with my trusty iPhone 5, some done by my buddy and driver, Darrell M. (Excuse the blurriness, he’s a Canon shooter – Ha!).

It was a great time, saw a whole bunch of things I want (and DON’T need), but a great experience overall. Can’t wait till next year!!!

So here it is, some of the images from my 24 hour sojourn to the city of sin, Lost Wages!!! Enjoy!


Hooters Las Vegas WPPI

 And where does an international man of photography stay while in LV? Why HOOTERS of course! #ballerllifestyle, #onabudgetforonenight

Poolside view, Hooters Las Vegas, WPPI hotels,

 The view from my penthouse suite. (Cleaning lady didn’t arrive yet, hence the smudgy windows). #firstworldproblems

Cannon booth, WPPI 2013, conference, seminar, convention

All the major companies had seminar stages like this highlighting their products and photographers.

Don’t know what start-up camera company this is though.

Nikon, wppi 2013,

Ahh yes, THE camera system – Nippon Kogaku, Nikon :)

Simple and elegant booth design.

Nikon stage, wppi 2013, parker J. pfister, joseph niepce

The Nikon stage where Nikon pros would present 1/2 seminars. The guy at the podium is Parker J. Pfister, wedding photographer;

Joseph Niepce is… google him. It’s cooler to find out that way.

icelight, jerry ghionis, wppi 2013, model

I want one of those things that she’s holding in her hands. It’s called an “Icelight”.

Perhaps I also want the thing attached to the light. Just kidding Helen :)

live model shoot, wppi 2013

And this is why we’re here. Lighting companies showing off their wares.

2013 wppi, canon printer

That’s my buddy Darrell. He’s an awesome pro photog. That thing behind him the size of a car? Oh, that thing prints photos.

It’s a new, home consumer version coming out soon. You pay about $6,000.00 for the ink for your 4×6.

cullinator, wppi 2013

That’s me using the new “Cullinator” photo culling software. You use a Playstation type controller to select and cull your images.

Did I mention that WPPI IS all play?

(Photo taken by Darrel M. – the Canon guy).

tripod, wppi 2013

Why yes, we DO carry 20ft tripods.

wppi 2013, wall display, metal display

Pardon the blurriness (Darrell M. original), but this was a wall mural created by small metal plates.

Cool huh?

models, body paint, wppi 2013

If you haven’t already noticed, those outfits are painted on. Except for the flowers (and floss).

And after 24 hours, out and back, I’m glad to be home. A huge thanks to Darrell for the drive, and a big thanks for Las Vegas for being the convention capital of the world!!! WPPI 2013 done and in the books! See you next year, and be sure to save my suite at Hooters for me, will ya?!


Old Album, photo album, photos, wooden cover, memories

Someone’s old photo album at the Rose Bowl Swap meet.

Happy Tuesday everyone. If you’re in L.A. right now, you’re experiencing some of the COLDEST weather we’ve had in a  L O N G  time! Sure, it’s not that east coast type of “get the chains on the car” type of weather, but for us Angelenos, anything, ANYTHING under 70 degrees is COLD! I’m trying to make sure I type correctly here, what with my cold fingers and all ;p

As my subject title says, “print vs. digital – which one has more worth?”, I ask of you all today, which one would you choose? For instance, if (god forbid) your house were to burn down and you had a chance to save an old printed family album or a hard drive of images, which one would you choose? Sure, some would say, the hard drive, cause they could always print out more photos later, but what about the photos that don’t have a digital negative connected to it? What about all those old film photos your parents/relatives took way back the “instant gratification” machine became so widespread? Would you try and save those?

There’s something so exquisitely magical, let alone tangible, with a printed photo (heck, you can add a handwritten letter to this list as well) that makes it hard not to choose to save them in an extreme situation as a house fire. But think about today, when someone actually takes the time to print something out for you, and then gives it to you, perhaps in a frame, for you to hold, hang, and show off. Pretty cool if you ask me. Nowadays, our society is so “plugged-in” that we get all of our information, whether visual or otherwise through some sort of electronic device. Think about it. When was the last time you sat down and actually WROTE a letter? If you’re like me, you only really put pen to paper when you have to sign a bill or a check, or something of that matter (let alone the degradation of all of our handwriting skills!).

If you are given the chance to look over old photos, or albums printed way back before the age of digital, each page turn of those thick albums with the plastic sticky sleeves protecting the pictures brings about a sense of awe and wonderment. Back then, the ONLY way to share photos was to print them at your local photo place. If you think about it, all the photos from that roll of film were carefully and lovingly placed in an album, perhaps by your mom, or dad, or someone equally special, with the intent of showing them to others when they got the chance. Today, those albums are treasure troves of by-gone eras, and the keeper of those who were once here with us, who have now gone on their way to that big unknown.

Years ago, in 2007, my grandmother’s house sadly burned down in an electrical fire that destroyed 90% of her house. (Click here for link) In the hustle and bustle to save things, surprisingly a plastic container box filled with old family albums were spared. Untouched, un-scorched by the blazing fire, and completely dry from the efforts of the firefighters who saved the rest of the house. The next day, while salvaging what was left of the home, the albums  were perhaps the most important items to be saved that day, for within them held the history of my family’s early years in the U.S.A. Had they been lost, all those stories, people, and places would have been left to everyone’s memory, which sadly over time deteriorates and is eventually forgotten. The photo albums however, remain, and the visual histories that they hold help to keep those memories sharp and alive for those who know anything about them.

My point behind this post is that although we mostly view our photos on computers, phones, ipads, etc., every so often, take the time to print some of your most worthwhile ones. Perhaps the photos from last Christmas, or from a birthday, or a family dinner, a vacation, etc. Frame them up, hang them, create an album with one of the many album/book makers on the web, anything, and I do mean ANYTHING to make them tangible and easy to see without the aid of electricity or an electronic device.

Printed photos and albums are our day to day history “books”. As with a handwritten letter or note, when you hold a photo in your hand, there’s something so amazingly magical about it – the faces of the people forever captured in that single moment, the memories that that photo now represents, in your hands.

As technology continues to adapt and develop, there may be a time in the near future where computers or phones, etc. won’t be able to read your JPEG files anymore. Perhaps a new operating system comes along, or a new format takes over that will make it difficult or even impossible to read through old hard drives. But if you print that special photo of you and your loved ones, and put it in an album, or hang it on a wall, the memories will last forever vs. those bits and bytes stored on that cold, electronic device.

Thanks for stopping by everyone. And should you be interested in printing out some photos, one of my favorite sites is www.mpix.com. They do fantastic work – top notch! Go ahead, start sharing your memories!


Happy extra day of the year everyone! Yup, today is leap day. Hope you’re spending it doing something you love. 

Today’s post is more of a public service announcement, as sadly, since 9/11, it seems that anyone holding a camera and photographing in public can and are sometimes looked upon suspiciously as someone with mal intent. This sucks if you ask me. And now, with posters like this below, you can’t even take a photo anywhere near an airport without even the government asking citizens to be on the lookout. 


What is so misleading about this photo is that it points a suspicious finger at anyone holding a camera, even if it’s a tourist, or a hobbyist, or artist. It basically says, report these terrorists right away!  Shenanigans! In all the info I’ve read about this topic from different websites, and articles, if a true terrorist wants to do surveillance on a possibly target, all he has to do is go online and get even more detailed photos, plans, blueprints, etc., vs actually going out into the field and taking photos! Don’t believe me? Google “blueprint” for most any building, and you’ll get some full schematics for it! 

I bring this up cause it directly affects what I do, and sometime or another, it may also affect you. Have you ever been questioned about why you’re photographing somewhere? Been accosted by some rent-a-cop who thinks that they have the shield of “national security” to interrogate or intimidate you? Hope not! Most of the time, incidents like these happen because of ignorance on the part of the person in “charge”. You can’t blame them sometimes, as they just don’t know, and they’re just doing their job. BUT, if you are ever stopped, detained, accosted, etc., you have rights! Check out this link (for USA laws at least):

Next time you’re out and about, and someone stops you, and perhaps even has the gall to tell you to stop photographing, know your rights. Or do what most pros do, shoot now, apologize later! Most of the time though, you won’t have to apologize cause you’re not doing anything illegal (I hope!)

Enjoy your hump/leap day everyone! Thanks for stopping by :) 
November 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

Here are a few QUICK edits from a shoot I did with my friend Jully this week. Just wanted to share our efforts. More to come! Oh, and thanks Jully :) 

November 2, 2011 in Uncategorized

Hello all! Busy week behind and before me! However, I didn’t want to NOT write or show anything, so I’ll leave you with this preview of one of the things I shot this past week (among many!) Check back soon! 

Jully Lee edit 10-23-11.jpg