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September 26, 2013 in Business, Weddings

Howdy folks! Just wanted to let everyone know that I’m going to be out of the office for a week! Photographing a destination wedding in an exotic locale! Woo hoo!!! I’ll be back in two weeks with photos and stories :) Till then…

Aloha Carlton



Yup, you guessed it – I’m Hawaii bound :) Aloha everyone, and see you real soon!


January 5, 2012 in Weddings

As in my previous post of Sandy and Mike’s wedding, I again wanted to say how much of a thrill it was to capture their wedding day for them. These two are so sweet and cool that it warms my heart to look over these images again and recall the day. Plus, I’ve known MIke’s family for some time now, and it was also an honor to capture my second Pulido wedding thus far! They’ve always been so kind and inviting, and I want to thank them once again for letting me be a part of their big day as well :) Happy day indeed! Plus a lot of fun too :) 

Congrats on finally getting hitched you two (after ten years! Yup, TEN years!). Here’s to a long and prosperous, happy life together :) 
*Included are images from Kabahead Photography for M Palma Photography. 
Love that Sandy wore flats to her wedding :) 
Congrats again you guys :) 
January 4, 2012 in Weddings
Happy New Year everyone! Here we are, four days into the new year, and I’m certain things are back to normal now that the holiday festivities are over right?

As for me, (and everyone I guess), the holidays were hectic, not only did we have all the familial obligations (and mucho-mondo food to devour), but I had two weddings, and a model portrait shoot all within one week of each other. I wouldn’t want it any other way though :) 
I’m still in the midst of editing down these three shoots, but wanted to share with you some photos from each event. 
First off, I LOVE my brides! A HUGE congratulations to Sandy and Mike who tied the knot last week Friday! What an awesome day it was. I’ve known Mike’s family since I was in High School (coughing) just a few SHORT years ago [coughing again] and it was so nice to see everyone again, and document Mike and Sandy’s big day. I had a blast watching their day unfold, and just being a part of it. 
A huge, HUGE thank you to Sandy and Mike for letting me be a part of their day, and to Mike’s Family for being so warm and open :) I thoroughly enjoyed being there for this terrific event. Also, a huge thanks goes out to my friend and second shooter, Keri Kaba for having my “back” when needed and for the awesome images she also help create! You rock Keri!
Here’s a preview of some of the images we created that day :) 
I love these guys! Sandy and Mike :)
Congrats you two!
One of my favorites from the day. 
Love this one too!
The Bridal par-taaay!! These guys were great to work for/with :) 
Okay, and before Mike and Sandy’s wedding, I had an up-and-coming model shoot with a cousin of a good friend of mine. I think Lauren is going to go a long way with her chosen endeavor. Check these out:
A big thanks to my buddy Aaron T. for the referral, and to Lauren’s mom Jennifer for being so cool on the set! :) 
Lastly, the Friday before last, Helen’s brother George got married! Yay!!! (And here you guys thought it was me didn’t you?!) Their ceremony was held on top of L.A.’s City Hall, (yes, the TOP of city hall) to just the immediate family, including Helen’s sister and brother-in-law, and niece and nephews from Hawaii in attendance. So cool! I was honored to be there to capture their wedding :) Thanks you guys and congrats!
Love this photo – George and Ling. Congrats you guys :) 
_MCP2989.jpgThe beautiful bride and bouquet. 

The “Hawaii Kids” as I like to call them. Does this remind you of your cell phone antenna bars or is just me?
Love this photo – taken a split second before the ELEVATOR doors closed :) Yup, elevator. 
A quiet moment post ceremony overlooking L.A.
My favorite image from the day :)
Congrats again you guys! And welcome to the fam, Ling :) 
OKAY, if you got this far through the post, I wanted to offer any would-be-brides out there a special discount for the month of January. If you make an appointment with me regarding your wedding day, and decide to book with me during the month of January, I’m offering a 15% discount on my select wedding packages/collections. Yup, that’s 15% off my select collections. But, you have to book in the month of January (this month) to get the offer. (Offer expires January 31st, and limited to availability. Subject to change without notice. Darned legal stuff ;p) So if you’re interested, or know someone who just might be, please have them contact me at info@mpalmaphotography.com to schedule a meeting. I’d be honored to photograph your big day :) 
Okay, that’s it for now folks, this was a long post. I do wish you all a happy, successful and CREATIVE 2012 :) Now, let’s get moving shall we?!
Till next week,

Hi everyone!

I’ve been guilty of not updating my main website, mpalmaphotography.com for some time now, but I’ve finally got around to doing so! Finally!!! When you visit, you’ll find a ton of new photographs from all the weddings and other events I’ve covered over the past few years. If I was lucky enough to have photographed your wedding, you’ll find new photos of that there too! 
Please don’t hesitate to share the link with your friends :) Especially those getting married soon ;p 
Thanks again, and please, do check it out!

Yup, it’s another week in my photographic life, and this past week
definitely lived up to expectations! Plus, it’s really heating up here
in the city of Angeles, so it finally feels like summer! Great times

The week started off with a special invitation to the one and only Magic Castle
in Hollywood. I’ve been living here my entire life and have never been
able to go due to its members only status, but thanks to our friend
Rumi, we were able to get an invite into the mecca of all things magic!
As you might expect, there’s no photography allowed once you enter, but
we were able to get at least one shot of Helen and me right before we
went into the magic bookshelf entrance (you even have to say “open
sesame!” out loud for it to open! How cool is that?!)


We’re here! Oh, and the gentleman behind us, Robin, was our host/magician.
Thanks Robin!

P1030105.JPGHelen, me, Rumi, Mimi and the Magic Castle.
What more can a guy want?

Needless to say, if you ever get a chance to visit the castle, GO. Every famous magician you’ve ever heard of and haven’t heard of have been through this place. Oh, and one interesting tid-bit is that Neil Patrick Harris, is currently president of the board! Yup! Look it up!

Thursday, my bestie buddy Bevo, was in town, and she wanted to go rock climbing. So we did.


Rock climbing sure is dangerous! Outdoors!

_MCP7286.JPGYup, that’s about 5 stories off the ground. Okay, maybe not 5 stories. How about 10 feet?

_MCP7288.JPGBe one with the wall Bevo. Be one with the wall.

_MCP7298.JPGShe eventually made it all the way up to the top.

_MCP7310.JPGWhile I climbed, Bev was in charge of my life. Yikes.

_MCP7313.JPGThank goodness for belaying equipment.

_MCP7304.JPGAll in a day’s work.

Thanks for the invite Bevo! Next time, I’ll belay you!

What I love most about being a photographer is the chance to document a family’s life, a couple’s wedding, an important day, and on Friday, I was able to do just that with our friends Jean and Bryant. (Jean is aunt to Amelia, who has appeared here many times). Jean had asked me photograph her wedding reception at King Hua restaurant in Alhambra. I love Chinese weddings!!! Ten course meals, plenty of festivities, and of course, hanging out with a great couple and family. Thank you Jean and Bryant for letting me be there to photograph. Congrats to you both!


 The lovely couple :) Congrats you two :)

Finally, what’s an entry without a picture or two of a cutie baby! Here’s our little new friend Kaia, making yet another appearance here on the blog. Happy 3 mos. little cutie!!!


Look into my eyes…

untitled-7529.JPGThere’s nothing better than a laughing baby to make your day :)

Thanks for stopping by everyone!