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Happy thursday folks! I missed a post last week due to some obligations, but I’m back. This week I want to share with you some of my tools (knives, hammers, pens – whatever you want to call it), my cameras!

Yup, through the years, one acquires many a “tool” ranging from the latest and greatest, to perhaps something even more pared down, or even “toyish”. And that’s definitely me! I can’t recall exactly how many cameras I’ve actually owned throughout the years, although I could remember some of my favorites. Probably not because of what brand or model it was, but perhaps where I brought it too, or what memory I captured with it. That’s the way it SHOULD be, don’t you think? Which leads me to the title of this post – G.A.S., or “Gear Acquisition Syndrome”! GAS doesn’t only occur with cameras, but with everything that gets updated every year (weeks nowadays!). However, some people just think that THE latest and greatest piece of equipment will make their lives that much more better – and sometimes, it does, just not always. Sure, we can buy the latest computer that comes out to squeeze out an extra megabyte or two, or perhaps a faster, more economical car, but what’s wrong with the one you currently own? Probably nothing, other than the fact that it’s LAST YEAR’S model. Sad huh?

With cameras, due to overwhelming number of people who enjoy photography, there’s this thought that the latest, most expensive camera will create the best, most “professional” photos ever! (LOL!!!!) I can say this, cause when I started, I too felt this way! Back when I started, I wanted the latest Nikon camera (film, no digital back then), thinking that the one with the most bells and whistles would produce such amazing photographs! All I needed to do was cough up the $xxxx.xx and I was going to be a pro! Woo hoo!!!

Thankfully, with the guidance of some important people in my life (and the severe LACK of funds!), I stayed within my means and acquired only what I needed, and used each one as a tool, vs. some magical camera that was going to make amazing photographs. I mean, they could make some magical photos, but as Ansel Adams once said, (paraphrasing), it’s the 12-inches behind the camera that really matters.

So I bring to you my current quiver of cameras. Some old, some film, some plastic. Thankfully with age and experience, I see all cameras, both owned and available, as tools. I don’t need the fastest or the most megapixel heavy model out there. I need to invest more in that 12-inches behind each one I put in front of my eyes!

So next time you think you need the latest and greatest piece of equipment, ask yourself, do you really need it? REALLY need it? I always go by my “want vs. need” train of though. There are a lot of things I want, but only a few things I truly need. Try it. It’ll save you some money in the long run, believe me!

So here they are, my beauties :) I think I have a few others lying around, but I forgot I had them the day I photographed these! Oh well. And afterwards, check out the photos below and see if you can match them up with the camera that produced it. I bet you, you CAN’T.



m palmaphotography, nikon cameras, fuji x100s, holga, tilt-all tripod, iphone 5, digital, analog, film, gordy's strap, 120 film, medium format

I like to gaffer tape my cameras. No need to advertise what I’m using if you ask me. It’s about the images anyway. :)


 Here are the trio of photos I took with some of the cameras above. Leave a comment if you wish to try and match the picture to the camera. I dare you!




m palmaphotography, nikon cameras, fuji x100s, holga, tilt-all tripod, iphone 5, digital, analog, film, gordy's strap, 120 film, medium format _M Palma Photography-1-3 _M Palma Photography-1



Remember, it’s NOT the camera making the photo, it’s YOU. So go out and MAKE some memories will you?! ¬† Have a great week everyone!

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