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Happy extra day of the year everyone! Yup, today is leap day. Hope you’re spending it doing something you love. 

Today’s post is more of a public service announcement, as sadly, since 9/11, it seems that anyone holding a camera and photographing in public can and are sometimes looked upon suspiciously as someone with mal intent. This sucks if you ask me. And now, with posters like this below, you can’t even take a photo anywhere near an airport without even the government asking citizens to be on the lookout. 


What is so misleading about this photo is that it points a suspicious finger at anyone holding a camera, even if it’s a tourist, or a hobbyist, or artist. It basically says, report these terrorists right away!  Shenanigans! In all the info I’ve read about this topic from different websites, and articles, if a true terrorist wants to do surveillance on a possibly target, all he has to do is go online and get even more detailed photos, plans, blueprints, etc., vs actually going out into the field and taking photos! Don’t believe me? Google “blueprint” for most any building, and you’ll get some full schematics for it! 

I bring this up cause it directly affects what I do, and sometime or another, it may also affect you. Have you ever been questioned about why you’re photographing somewhere? Been accosted by some rent-a-cop who thinks that they have the shield of “national security” to interrogate or intimidate you? Hope not! Most of the time, incidents like these happen because of ignorance on the part of the person in “charge”. You can’t blame them sometimes, as they just don’t know, and they’re just doing their job. BUT, if you are ever stopped, detained, accosted, etc., you have rights! Check out this link (for USA laws at least):

Next time you’re out and about, and someone stops you, and perhaps even has the gall to tell you to stop photographing, know your rights. Or do what most pros do, shoot now, apologize later! Most of the time though, you won’t have to apologize cause you’re not doing anything illegal (I hope!)

Enjoy your hump/leap day everyone! Thanks for stopping by :) 

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