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Happy Thursday folks! Since today is deemed “throwback thursday” for most facebookers, I figured I’d share with you our Vegas trip that we just got back from yesterday. For the second time in two months, I was back in the city of Sin, but this time, for some R & R, no conventions, no workshops, no meetings. Just good ‘ol fun in the sun, gamble your money away, enjoy a great show, eat expensive food, stay in a nice place, kind of getaway :)

My last visit last month was for the annual WPPI Convention (Wedding and Portrait Photographers Int’l), which was fun as well, but as mentioned, this trip was purely for the fun of going. We got a great deal on a fancy-schmancy hotel with some sort of popular water show in the front, so we couldn’t turn it down. Plus, we made it a point to go see one of my all time legend’s show, “Michael Jackson ONE”, which also starred a good friend of ours who was part of the cast. One word about the show/experience – EPIC. If you’re an MJ fan, go see it! Plus outside the theater, they have MJ’sĀ famous moonwalk loafers and Swarovski socks, as well as one of his famous sequined jackets. Long live the king!!!

Being who we are, Helen and I also made our second visit to the Madame Tousauds’ Wax Museum. Just plain fun. Posing and being silly with wax sculptures of celebs. Like we don’t see them in person here in L.A. I assure you though, when and if I do, I’d do the same thing as I did at the wax museum :p Besides, it was fun making up stories with waxed celebs. Where else could you do this?

Ah Vegas. Land of themed resorts, crushed dreams, glittery promises, smoke-filled casinos, 24-hour buffets, neon lights (well, LED lights), heat, showgirls, alcohol… It’s nice to visit and spend a few days, but not sure if I could live there. If so, I’d have to live away from the strip. Way off the strip.

Thanks for the memories again :)

A huge shout out goes out to our friend Addie for the tickets to the MJ show. You’re amazing!!! Long live the King!!!

Thanks for stopping by. Mike and Helen have left the desert.



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