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December 20, 2011 in Performances, Portraits

Christmas week 2011! How are you all doing? Hope everyone is doing great and that the holidays are treating you all well :) I’ve been wanting to say this for quite sometime now, but I wanted to say hello and thank you too all my international blog followers! Yes, YOU! All the folks from Brazil, France, Italy, and Russia (with the most numbers of followers), and to all the terrific people in Canada, Germany, Spain, Finland, and the United Kingdom – holla! I appreciate you guys clicking onto this little old web log of mine, and just wanted to say thanks :) Wherever you may be, may the holiday season bring you joy and happiness :) 

In the middle of all the seasons’ happenings, I have finally turned the corner in terms of finishing off my final performance obligation – A Little Tokyo Christmas Goes to Las Vegas! show. In it’s second year, it basically brings together talent from the Asian American acting community, with most, if not all of us having been in an East West Players show at one point or another. What a hugely talented pool of performers – from dancers, to singers, and even acrobats, etc. It was such a honor to be on stage with some talented friends, and even though we only had two shows, we felt as though we could have done more! It was also nice to see friends that we sadly don’t get to see that often, other than perhaps this one show a year. 
Here are a few images I took during the dress rehearsal and the show itself. 
Although you can’t see everyone performing, this was a huge night of TALENT!
Our friend Melody killing it while singing “Proud Mary”
One more of the AMAZING Kennedy during his aerial trapeze number. 
It is such a honor and thrill to be a part of this community of artists :) Thanks to our friends Mike H. and Emily K. for putting it on again this year. Great work everyone :) See you next year – for sure!
Is it just me or are Christmas cards coming in late this year? As of this writing, Tuesday, December 20, we’re now hitting full stride as to receiving everyone’s cards. Last year, the onslaught started at the beginning of December. Go figure! 
Adding to the “late” mailers is my cousin ;p I spent monday over at her house photographing my adorable nieces and nephews for their card. Hard work? Nah. Fun times with people a lot shorter (and younger) than you? You bet!!!
Here are a few images from our Christmas card shoot. 
My nieces and nephew, the Taylors :) 
That’s it for now. I’m slowly but surely cruising into Christmas. It’ll be here soon enough. 
Till next time, I wish you and your families a joyous Christmas and holiday season :) Thanks for stopping by, and see you next time! Oh, and don’t forget to take photos of all the parties and gatherings you go to! Would love to see them sometime! I’ll see about getting them posted up next time :) Bye everyone!
Merry Christmas!

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  • Vishal says:

    Happy Holidays to you and your family!

    (December 21, 2011 at 11:11 AM)