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February 18, 2015 in Headshots, Photography

Happy Wednesday folks! How’s it going? How was Valentine’s day for you? Attached or not, hope you had a great weekend. Plus, it was President’s Day weekend as well! Double whammy for some! As for me, I attended a beautiful vineyard wedding in Temecula, Calif. Trust me, it was tough and weird being a “guest” vs the principal photographer at a wedding. Although, I did put my “eye” aside (kinda) and enjoyed the day without any pressure or responsibility. Well, other than to enjoy the day, and the delicious food! So it was a win/win for me either way. LOL!

Last week, I was honored and thrilled to photograph a good buddy of mine that I only get to see almost just once a year, at the East West Players dinner gala. Over the years, Cesar and I have been friends, along with his gorgeous and equally amazing wife, Anna, but never really had the time to sit back, relax and “hang”. That all changed when Cesar asked me to do his new headshots, something he hasn’t done in a few years. (Then again, he’s yet another one of my friends that DON’T age. Sheesh. Where can I get those types of genes?!)

So we spent a solid afternoon photographing him. I was struggling to get him to smile, look relaxed, and to let his guard down! Plus, he was so shy in front of the camera! (You know I’M KIDDING, right? He’s the exact opposite!) Photographing Cesar was easy, fun, and mucho bueno! He’s the type of guy who can take selfies and get great shots straight out of the camera (or phone). Thank goodness he doesn’t do that already, as I would be out of a job!

All my headshot sessions comprise of commercial and theatrical looks. Commercial being the more “happy” and “smiley” photos that exemplify the “I can sell brand X to you cause I’m cool like that”, and theatrical being the “character” photos that each actor can portray (doctor, lawyer, etc.) Here are a few of our photos from our session. See if you can tell how “difficult” it was to work with this super shy, and rather non-attractive, out of shape guy. LOL!!!!





















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At the end of every headshot session, I always leave room and time for just some fun shenanigans. For those of you who have shot with me, this is the portion where I just ask you some off the wall types of questions, and ask that you react to them with HUGE expressions! Once again, I had pry these looks and emotions from Cesar, with every trick I have in my book to work with introverts such as him.










There you have it! A huge thanks to Cesar C. for asking me to photograph him, and to his amazing wife Anna for allowing him (LOL!). Much success to you bro-ham! You’ll definitely see more of him in my portfolio in the future. I’ll just have to really coax it out of him. Sheesh!

Have a great week everyone! Thanks for stopping by.


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