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May 8, 2014 in Family, Kids, Portraits

Happy first full week of May 2014 everyone! How’s it going? For those of you who don’t live here in Southern California, the second week of May has finally given us Angelenos some COOLER weather. Last week, we were well into¬†the 90’s, and this week, we’re in the 70’s (Mother Nature sure is finicky!). I’m just glad it’s comfortable outside. Whew!

Despite the amazing heat from last week, I was given the great opportunity to photograph baby Jocelyn. The newest addition to our friends’ the Seligmans clan. Five years ago, I ¬†photographed their oldest son Wyatt, and once Jocelyn was ready for her close-up, I was ready and ecstatic! It’s such an honor to be able to come back to a family and photograph their kids, and see how much they’ve grown. And with older brother Wyatt (who I’ve seen since our first portrait session five years ago), he’s growing up to be a cool kid. Plus, it was nice to see him back at his house, years removed from our first session. But now it was his sister’s turn, and in some of the same spots we used for Wyatt – how cool!

As with a lot of babies, Jocelyn was a real trooper during her first pro photo session. Despite having a wee bit of baby eczema, she was able to shine and give me all of her 5 months of life on planet earth :) What a cutie! Afterwards, we decided to photograph the entire Seligman clan, including a special visit from the patriarch himself, Grandpa Seligman! He’s the more distinguished gentleman in the photos with grandson Wyatt below (John, you’re distinguished too, just that your dad is a bit more distinguished!).

I love that we were able to photograph everyone this time. Got more of Wyatt in his element in his “Cars” themed room, Grandpa with two generations on the sofa, and of course, Jocelyn and the entire fam. I love days like this where I can contribute to a family’s history through photographs :) Such an honor.

Enjoy the photos of the Seligmans, with special emphasis on their latest addition, Jocelyn. Thank you guys for having me back. And thanks to Jocelyn for allowing me to photograph her! Maybe I can photograph her wedding someday?! LOL!!!

Happy May everyone! See you next week!






2014_ M Palma Photography-1-15








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