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Happy Thursday everyone! I’m just back from an overnight trip to the city at the desert, the town that Frank built, that place where almost everything IS a mirage, LAS VEGAS! Yup, the city of never ending buffets, steak AND lobster dinners for $8.99, and the sounds of money being well spent and LOST!

However, for me, it was a business trip, as it was time for the annual Wedding and Portrait Photographers International convention (WPPI), held yearly in the city of sin! This was my first outing to the convention, after having wanted to go since I first learned about it years ago, and to finally attend was awesome! Got to see practically all the major and minor players in the photo world, and even see, meet, and hear some photogs I’ve only seen on-line. They’re like rockstars, but not really, but still are? Make sense? Nah!

Despite having my big camera with me, I ended up taking all the photos below with my trusty iPhone 5, some done by my buddy and driver, Darrell M. (Excuse the blurriness, he’s a Canon shooter – Ha!).

It was a great time, saw a whole bunch of things I want (and DON’T need), but a great experience overall. Can’t wait till next year!!!

So here it is, some of the images from my 24 hour sojourn to the city of sin, Lost Wages!!! Enjoy!


Hooters Las Vegas WPPI

 And where does an international man of photography stay while in LV? Why HOOTERS of course! #ballerllifestyle, #onabudgetforonenight

Poolside view, Hooters Las Vegas, WPPI hotels,

 The view from my penthouse suite. (Cleaning lady didn’t arrive yet, hence the smudgy windows). #firstworldproblems

Cannon booth, WPPI 2013, conference, seminar, convention

All the major companies had seminar stages like this highlighting their products and photographers.

Don’t know what start-up camera company this is though.

Nikon, wppi 2013,

Ahh yes, THE camera system – Nippon Kogaku, Nikon :)

Simple and elegant booth design.

Nikon stage, wppi 2013, parker J. pfister, joseph niepce

The Nikon stage where Nikon pros would present 1/2 seminars. The guy at the podium is Parker J. Pfister, wedding photographer;

Joseph Niepce is… google him. It’s cooler to find out that way.

icelight, jerry ghionis, wppi 2013, model

I want one of those things that she’s holding in her hands. It’s called an “Icelight”.

Perhaps I also want the thing attached to the light. Just kidding Helen :)

live model shoot, wppi 2013

And this is why we’re here. Lighting companies showing off their wares.

2013 wppi, canon printer

That’s my buddy Darrell. He’s an awesome pro photog. That thing behind him the size of a car? Oh, that thing prints photos.

It’s a new, home consumer version coming out soon. You pay about $6,000.00 for the ink for your 4×6.

cullinator, wppi 2013

That’s me using the new “Cullinator” photo culling software. You use a Playstation type controller to select and cull your images.

Did I mention that WPPI IS all play?

(Photo taken by Darrel M. – the Canon guy).

tripod, wppi 2013

Why yes, we DO carry 20ft tripods.

wppi 2013, wall display, metal display

Pardon the blurriness (Darrell M. original), but this was a wall mural created by small metal plates.

Cool huh?

models, body paint, wppi 2013

If you haven’t already noticed, those outfits are painted on. Except for the flowers (and floss).

And after 24 hours, out and back, I’m glad to be home. A huge thanks to Darrell for the drive, and a big thanks for Las Vegas for being the convention capital of the world!!! WPPI 2013 done and in the books! See you next year, and be sure to save my suite at Hooters for me, will ya?!


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